We go to acting class to learn how to get the job.  What’s going to make that happen? The answer is you. The untangled you. The confident you. At John Rosenfeld Studios we foster your original creative, imaginative spirit and reconnect you with your authentic self. When you realize who you are and how you are you can express the unique voice that only you have. There’s no one like you and we want to help you identify and celebrate that specialness. That’s what they want to hire! That’s what is going to get you the job. Our intention is to release you from performance fear, free you from self-consciousness, unleash your greatest natural acting strengths, and identify your “special” bring-to-the-party acting qualities.  You wanna get the job, we will show you how.

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Audition Taping


JRS Comedy Fundraiser with Theo Von

Friday, May 22, 2015
@ 8PM

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