8 Tips on Making the Most of a Role

Great interview with John Gammon from ABC’s ‘The Middle.’ He gives 8 tips on making the most of a role along with some killer career advice. Click the link below for the full article, and here’s an appetizer sampler in the meantime.

–       scottyB

8 Tips on Making the Most of a Role

–       Make the most of every opportunity.

–       Be willing to try everything.

–       Let it go.

–       Find work you can afford to lose.

–       Watch and listen on set.

–       Keep creating.

–       Pace yourself.

–       Be happy.

“[Be] comfortable with auditioning and sees it as [your] chance to act that day.”

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Don’t come at acting from the place of insecurity and a place of absence. Don’t come at it from a place of deficit where you must do it in order to fill yourself.”

8 Tips on Making the Most of a Role – Full Article

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