Nicole Dalton

Faculty Coach

Nicole Dalton is a proud founding faculty member of John Rosenfeld Studios. Nicole studied at Pacifica Graduate Institute for her Masters in Counseling Psychotherapy. She is interested in the mind, body and spirit of the actor. She believes that our inner landscape affects our acting landscape and seeks to unite the two for not only a happier actor but also a more fully integrated person. The core of Nicole’s teaching aims to unite the story the writer is telling with what each actor is uniquely bringing to each script and applying that to what is currently being cast. This means celebrating what makes you unique as an actor. Nicole Dalton has appeared on FOX, CBS, TBS, NBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, THE HALLMARK CHANNEL, and she was most recently on HOT IN CLEVELAND. She has completed a pilot for NBC and was a part of their 2015 diversity showcase. In NYC Nicole worked with Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert on STRANGERS WITH CANDY, and she was in the Off-Broadway disco retelling of Midsummer Night’s Dream, THE DONKEY SHOW, directed by Diane Paulus. Nicole is privileged to be one half of the viral improvised web series called, “I’M TRIGGERED.” It has been promoted on Funny or Die, featured on tvguide.com, is a favorite of both Oprah magazine contributor Martha Beck and author and TED talk extraordinaire, Brene Brown. I look forward to working with you.

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Are you ready to meet us?

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