Patrick Cavanaugh

Faculty Coach, Ongoing

I’ve been a working actor in LA for over 20 years now, and I’ve also been a teacher/audition coach at JRS since the very early days of the studio opening. All that really means, in the long run, is that I have a decent amount of experience in the room as the auditioner, on set as the hired actor, and on the couch coaching the auditioner. I love to figure out the puzzle that comes with auditioning. Whether it’s finding the right fit/temperature for the actor and the character they are going in for or determining what makes them pop in the room.

I am very interested in your organic connection to the character but also taking into consideration how it will look in the frame. Since most auditions are self-tapes now, we CANNOT ignore the camera. At the end of the day, I want you to leave a class or coaching with me feeling more grounded, more connected to the story you want to tell, and confident to walk into your audition feeling free to play.

Are you ready to meet us?

Are you ready to meet us?

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