David Gil

The John Rosenfeld Studios’ Teen class has given my son, David Gil the ability to explore the talent industry with a personal approach. His coaches, Graham and Jeanette introduced a new perspective in acting as well as focusing on new techniques. While David built a personal connection with his coaches and his classmates; we both established a family-like relationship with everyone at JRS. The teachings were down to earth and helped him accelerate in his acting with facial expressions, cold readings, and improvisation; as well as challenging David to apply different techniques during an audition. He has become more confident within himself and has broken through the shy stage. I can continue to share our experience about JRS but you will never experience the personal respect, love and support they give to their students, by just reading my words. This is a class you will never regret taking, therefore, If you are dedicated to your child’s acting career then I recommend the JRS Teen class. Graham and Jeanette took David under their wing and allowed him to shine on every level. He no longer experiences shyness when meeting with casting directors or meeting new people.   

“Acting has become as easy as breathing to me; thanks to my coaches at JRS.”  David Gil

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