Alycia Debnam-Carey
Actor (Series Regular on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD)

I first came to John having just moved from Sydney to LA.  It had been 5 weeks, I was 18, I was living by myself and knew no one. John was the first coach I had gone to see and I had no idea the impact it would have on both my journey as an actor and a person.

I find it hard to write so narrowly about John and his work because my journey with him has been so much more than sessions with an acting coach.  I found a rock in the middle of the tumultuous ocean known as L.A.  Someone who was genuinely invested in my well being, craft and journey as an actor and the way they are all inextricably linked. Through peaks and troughs he continued to meet me where ever I was in my life, with an incredible warmth, generosity and insight.  Whatever whim I wished to indulge – techniques, skills, inspirations and artists, he guided with specificity and the layers of exploration became synonymous with my own personal growth. John is the type of teacher if you’re willing to listen, be open and receptive he will give you his whole self.  He treats each person just as they are, an individual, and turns a magnifying glass on the qualities that make you, you.

In JRS classes I found a refuge from the initial loneliness and a creative space where I was free to make mistakes and be unbridledly creative.  When I wasn’t working it kept me focused on a greater theme than myself.  It humbled me to be surrounded by people that truly loved what they were doing.  We were there for each other as much as we were there for ourselves.

Since first meeting John and JRS, I have been living and working in and out of LA for 4 years now. In John I have found a friend, mentor, confidant and coach. I am ever grateful to be apart of this wonderful family.

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