Adam Ray  
Actor, Stand-Up Comedian (THE HEAT, YOUNG ROCK)

I’ve always considered the phrase “honing my craft” to be a collection of life experience, persistence, saying yes when it is easier to say no, and ultimately getting to a place where I trust myself in the moment; every time. I feel like that is so much of what acting is. Listening. And then just trusting. We all have it in us, but sometimes you need that extra push and second pair of eyes. Someone who, over time, gets to know your strengths and makes you feel comfortable and want to grow. John does that for me. I’ve been taking class and one-on-one coaching with John and his staff for almost 7 years. In a profession with so much uncertainty, so much that’s out of your control, John Rosenfeld Studios helps you be in control of the one thing you can: being prepared.

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