Dawan Owens
Actor (Series Reg on All Night)

“John will push you. I repeat, John Rosenfeld will push you. If learning or growing or working on the things you aren’t so good at doesn’t sound appealing, then I would say he isn’t the right coach for you. When I got to John’s I was focused on working on what I wanted to work on. Which, if I’m being honest, was mainly the stuff I was already good at. John quickly changed the course of that ship. The moment John got me to stop looking at myself as an actor, but as a storyteller, is when it all changed for me. That shift changed how I approached material, my confidence level and most importantly, my ability to be consistently present in my work. All the things that were holding me back from doing the type of work I knew I was capable of seemed to start to fade.

One of the things I love about John, after been at the studio for seven plus years, is he’ll still shoot me a random text once a year at like 1am to tell me how far I have come. I wish he would do it during business hours, but other than that, you gotta love how much he cares.”

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