Kim Shaw  
Actor (Series Regular on I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK)

I hadn’t been in an acting class since college. I was under the assumption that if you had a degree, there was no reason to continue studying. Actually I was just lazy. When I met John, he immediately zeroed in on my habits. We all have them. Getting past them, or better yet, cultivating them to use them as an advantage is where John truly excels. This class has given me drive, confidence and an incredible support group of friends. There is no ego at John Rosenfeld Studios. That is what’s so lovely about working with John. He is there night after night discovering what works best for YOU. He helps you find your strengths, and work through your weaknesses. Without a God complex. Every week, we work on current, interesting pieces, with an open opportunity to bring in our own auditions. JRS is a gem, and I was lucky to find it.

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