Lindsey Morgan  
Actor (Series Reg on WALKER, THE 100, Emmy Nominated role on GENERAL HOSPITAL)

I found John and his studio at the lowest point in my career. I was going nowhere fast, career-wise, and my own self worth had been obliterated by the industry. I felt lost, frustrated and most of all, confused. I knew I was in a bad place and I was desperate to get better, but didn’t know how!

John immediately took me in, understood my plight and within a few months transformed my career. I call him my champion, because I had finally found an acting coach in LA that cared more about me than my money. He would never let me quit, even when I wanted to, and pushed me gently when I was scared. He believed in me and helped me to believe in myself.

It’s because of him that I am represented by some of the elite industry firms. After that, I quickly landed a contract role on a great soap opera, multiple TV guest spots and films. Even while working on the soap, I kept attending class. His teachings’ kept me sharp, focused and the community he created in the studio kept me inspired.

Every week I learn something new and I cannot recommend him enough to any actor who feels lost, or stagnant or just bored with their work. He’ll whip you into shape and push you, but then pat you on the back and let you know what a great job you’ve done. You’ll want to come back for more every week to learn, to be at a great studio with a true community of artists, and to be with a bonafide coach, John.

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