Max Ehrich

I feel like I found the needle in the haystack finding John Rosenfeld. In the months that I have worked with John, I have learned so much as an artist and know that I have a great guide right behind me. I look at a scene and I see so much room for specificity and know exactly where to begin dissecting a scene. I will use them forever in my work…. Sitcoms are one thing that we really hit hardcore in John’s class (and it was the one thing) I had the least experience in. I remember doing a scene from “Scrubs” and struggling and struggling to get out of one hour drama mode and let it all GO. 3 months later I find myself working on a CBS sitcom pilot with Sarah Chalke from that very same scene in “Scrubs.” Coincidence? I think not. John Rosenfeld? I’m going to have to say thank you. John is also my primary coach. I have never walked out of there not feeling confident and ready to have fun and give a great performance. Moving out to LA at 18 in August was not the easiest thing to do with my family on the other side of the country, but I am blessed to say that I now have such a strong support system and fantastic teacher at John Rosenfeld Studios.

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