Melissa Tang  

I became a working actor when I started studying with John. Before meeting John, I  had gone to conservatory for formal acting training, worked for years in casting, worked for a producer at a studio and thought because I had so much experience working in so many facets of the industry, there was no need to get MORE training in an acting class. But while I was working all these other jobs, I stopped practicing my craft and I was torn between wanting to pursue my acting, and feeling the responsibility to do well in my survival jobs. Upon meeting John, he made me quickly realize that I was investing my time and energy in all the wrong places and if I really wanted to be an actor, I needed to be willing to risk not having a day job so I could make acting my full-time career. So I took a leap of faith, quit all my other jobs, and started taking class with John. I struggled. I cried. I felt like I was doing terrible work. But throughout it all, John was there to be my teacher and my friend. He surrounded me with other actors that supported each other, and helped me build a structure for my work that regardless  of whether or not I got the job, or lost the job, I had a home base to come back to. I am a working actor because John, his staff, and my classmates stood by me and helped me believe in myself and the work that I am capable of. John gave me the gift of lifting the weight of feeling like I had to do everything on my own and it has made all the difference.

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