Paige Spara  


JRS has given me the knowledge, energy, and confidence to gauge an audition room and audition material. The studio gave me a work ethic I was able to implement seamlessly in an audition room, under the pressure of tests, etc. I was ready because I felt the same pressure and energy every night we worked material at the studio. JRS has given me a community that anchored me when I first moved to Los Angeles to stay motivated and focused. It’s been so helpful to be able to bounce ideas around with like-minded people when I felt a bit overwhelmed with learning the industry. JRS is a not only an outlet to stay curious and sharp with material and create your own material, but also a community to hold you accountable to have a life outside of this industry. Most importantly JRS gave me my best friend (shout out Kelly Walker). Sooooooo – go go go and try JRS! It will push you and cultivate your abilities in this industry so by the time you are testing for a job and on set you really do feel comfortable and knowledgeable and if you don’t you have a whole community at JRS to pull from.

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