Sonal Shah  imdb-logo-jr
Actor (SCRUBS)

I’ve been lucky enough to know Bethany for years as a teacher and coach. I honestly can’t capture the gift that she is in a paragraph! Hands down, she is one of the most amazingly talented, inspired, gifted, generous, and knowledgeable beings in Los Angeles, heck in the world!  Bethany is way WAY more than a devoted teacher, she is a mecca of creativity.  Her essence is an illustrious fusion of her extensive experience as an actress, her many full years in the industry, as well as her calm, trusting, nurturing, and beautiful spirit.  Not only does she know what to do with any set of sides, Bethany knows how to coach actors based on their own individuality.  She cares deeply and takes them through a seamless process using a variety of techniques.  The bottom line is this girl knows what she’s doing and her clients work ALL the time. Bethany is genuinely invested in each and every one of her students and quite passionately wants to make them shine and they do!

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