Tracy Ifeachor


“I love The John Rosenfeld studio, with so many places to train in LA whether you’re new to LA or a seasoned vet and I’ve been through the list! There’s something for everyone at John Rosenfeld’s. I really wanted to find a safe environment where I could further explore my craft as an artist and John Rosenfeld studio, is just that. It’s open and friendly with a feeling that anything is possible. I wanted to be somewhere, where actors work and frequently book projects in all areas of the entertainment industry because nothing can grow in a field full of negativity. I needed somewhere that was safe, with ‘auditors’ and class didn’t feel like a competitive performance space. I just wanted to work and better understand text and US audition processes as a Brit. Johns place is that. It surpasses expectation and if you’ve been through the ringer and are a little jaded by ‘class’ this really is an inspiring safe haven. I love the last minute coaching sessions for actors so you can coach on any and every audition if you choose too. There are no auditors, no strangers in the room, so you feel safe and able to focus on the work. it’s not judgmental atmosphere at all and I love that the environment has an emphasis on creativity and personal growth within the acting craft. It comes with a feeling that booking projects is so very possible! Many studios can feel like a guru worship centre, lol, this place does not feel like that at all! The focus is always work, the growth and building a community that supports each other’s growth. Whether that’s having a classmate to do a last minute self tape or line reading, Johns studio promotes this and is unlike any studio in LA I’ve been too. I love that you get to work multiple times in a session you’re not dat watching for weeks on end! You’ll do exercises multiple times in a session as well as scene work which is so unique. 

It’s uplifting, open, safe and empowering. I recommend this Studio and my friends expectations have always been exceeded! Some studios can feel a little clique but not the Rosenfeld Studio, John looks at you as a whole person and helps create a safe and uplifting environment. I actually enjoy auditions and self tapes now!”

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