Brian James Stevens  

Brian’s awesome–his direct approach and attentiveness to the text in a scene study class balances nicely with his zany and inventive suggestions and feedback. His classes are a great place for taking huge risks.

Lane Thomas  

Brian is one of the best communicators in the world of acting coaches. More so than any other acting coach I’ve met, he has an uncanny ability to discern your preferred language/method for understanding information, and then give you very specific and individualized notes that emphasize exactly where YOU need help the most.

Jessy Hodges  
Actor (Series Regular on HINDSIGHT)

Brian is one of the most articulate and practical teachers that I’ve ever worked with. He’s able to hone in on exactly what work needs to be done and then communicate it to his students in a positive and engaging manner. He clears up a lot of the mystery behind script analysis and acting for the camera, without demanding that we sacrifice our creative spirit.

Link Ruiz  

Brian is inviting, inspiring, and knows his shit! No wonder he is a working actor. I am constantly learning “secrets” from him.  Every time I’m in his class, I walk away with a new “tool.” Brian really shows us how to approach material and he brings something as a teacher that not all teachers have. I have learned the work ethic I have through JRS.

Jennifer Steger  

Brian really helped prepare me for my audition in ways that felt totally organic and like not a ‘gimmick.’  The one on one attention is great because it really let Brian hone in on the things that I was struggling with personally, and find ways to make them “make sense” for me.

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