Chloe Wepper  
Actor (Recurring on MANHATTAN LOVE STORY)

I used to think that what makes an acting teacher and/or coach great was someone who had a sure-fire technique and all the answers to “how to do it the right way.” After working with Nicole and having great success with her as a coach, I’ve found that it is so much more than that. Nicole can look at a set of sides or a script and not only know exactly where to go with it, but also how your own uniqueness can shine through in a way that is organic and truthful. She’s always making sure that whatever you’re working on is celebrating what makes you special. Working with Nicole, my auditions became about having fun and being in the moment as opposed to a process I dreaded and had considered a form of torture. Her approach is straightforward and along with being incredibly intuitive, Nicole has an astute understanding of all the technical aspects of a scene, and I think it’s that balance that makes her such a wonderful teacher and coach. She has helped me get to a point in my work that is incredibly specific yet also in the moment, honest, and playful. In other words, she just gets it!

Emily Chang  

I’m so grateful to have found my go-to coach in Nicole, and my acting home at JRS.  Nicole’s deep, intuitive understanding of all kinds of material and of the human psyche has really helped me tap into another level in my acting, and has opened so many doors for me in my career. Not only does she have fresh insights about every audition I bring to her and she won’t hesitate to dig into the parts of my acting that need work, she is also endlessly warm, patient and supportive. This is a teacher who truly cares about her students while pushing for them to reach further! I walk away from every coaching session with Nicole feeling renewed and confident, with choices that aren’t mechanical and taught, but instead, that are strong, instinctive, and really resonate with me. I’d highly recommend her and JRS to anyone–new and seasoned actors alike. Studying with Nicole and John at the studio has elevated my career to a whole new level, and the community & friends I’ve found there have provided me with the support and mindset that I needed to become a real working actor.

Melinda Stephan  

When I first started studying with Nicole three years ago, I was literally a different person. Nicole has encouraged me to push beyond my comfort zone to find and bring more of my true self to my acting. Owning my authentic identity has shaped my work as an actor in an immeasurable way. Nicole has the gift of helping people find their “special something”, and making that be the life in the stories they tell.

Jackie Ganz  

Hope you guys are doing good! Been missing the studio! I Just arrived back from out of town and now, unfortunately, I’ve had some family things come up and will need to be out this week and next. My grandfather is sick and I’m going to fly to CO to see him, as I’ve just learned he’s not doing well. I know I’ve been out most of July, due to work and now this, but i do have the full intention of being there in August and when I’m back on the 20th. This summer has turned out to be busier than expected or planned.

Alex Klein  

In the year that I’ve been a student of Nicole’s, I can say that I’ve learned more about myself as an actor than I have at a 4-year university and any other acting classes before her. Through her incredibly specific and direct form of coaching, I’ve learned perhaps the most valuable acting key for an endlessly exciting creative life; the abandoning of the fear of failure.

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