Sonal Shah  imdb-logo-jr
Actor (SCRUBS)

I’ve been lucky enough to know Bethany for years as a teacher and coach. I honestly can’t capture the gift that she is in a paragraph! Hands down, she is one of the most amazingly talented, inspired, gifted, generous, and knowledgeable beings in Los Angeles, heck in the world!  Bethany is way WAY more than a devoted teacher, she is a mecca of creativity.  Her essence is an illustrious fusion of her extensive experience as an actress, her many full years in the industry, as well as her calm, trusting, nurturing, and beautiful spirit.  Not only does she know what to do with any set of sides, Bethany knows how to coach actors based on their own individuality.  She cares deeply and takes them through a seamless process using a variety of techniques.  The bottom line is this girl knows what she’s doing and her clients work ALL the time. Bethany is genuinely invested in each and every one of her students and quite passionately wants to make them shine and they do!

Michael Tennant  imdb-logo-jr

I have learned more in my year with Bethany and Patrick than I did in a four-year conservatory. I have seen actor’s of every experience level, from right off the bus to series regulars, come into this class and grow. The ability to put an audition on tape and watch it immediately after has been an amazing tool in my process and is the main reason that my callbacks, bookings, and most importantly my confidence have all increased. The knowledge and heart that these two bring to the studio every Tuesday is infectious and will remind you why you fell in love with acting in the first place. They remove the fear and anxiety of an audition by getting you in the habit of auditioning. This class is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I cannot encourage you enough to take it. I love these two dearly and am forever grateful for their friendship and mentoring.

Guy Wilson  imdb-logo-jr
Actor (Series Regular on DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

I would not have the career that I have today were it not for Bethany Geaber. Pure and simple. She is a marvelous class teacher, but, as a private coach, her insights, instincts, and inspirations have no parallel. For the past three years I’ve coached nearly every audition I’ve had with her and have not only booked jobs at a very consistent rate, but the quality of my acting, as a whole, has grown and evolved onto a whole other level. In the time since Bethany and I began working together I have become a true working actor. Coaching with Bethany has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself.

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