Jessica Nicole Webb  

David is a real working actor himself – in 2015. There is no better testimony than that! Not only does he have the practical knowledge and current experience necessary to turn his students into working actors also, his passion for teaching is completely undeniable. He’s there because he wants to be and it shows. He as an unparalleled radar for spotting weaknesses and celebrating what each unique individual brings to the table. There is no “one size fits all” approach or method, which was previously one of my pet peeves with acting teachers in LA. My personal and professional growth as an actor, not to mention my confidence, has skyrocketed since studying with David.

Ashton Holmes 

David makes me a better actor. Plain and simple. I’m not ready to step on a set or walk into an audition until my work with him is done. However, he makes everyone he works with a better actor, so I would appreciate if he didn’t work with anyone else who I audition against.

Katie Walder 
Actor (Recurring on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER)

David Sullivan is BY FAR one of the best comedy audition coaches I’ve ever had, if not THE best. He helps make choices that are clean, intelligent and specific. I feel lucky to have found David! Oh, did I mention I booked a pilot after coaching with him? I highly recommend him!

Jenny Mollen 
Actor (CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, Recurring on CRASH)

David Sullivan has improved my work, not only by sharpening my technique but by giving me the freedom I needed to believe in my own choices. He doesn’t make you look like everybody else by applying a formula. He makes your work look and feel like you. I hate auditioning without him because my work is always exponentially better once I’ve coached with him. Without David, I go to producers during pilot season. With him, I test and book. Secretly, I hate that I have to share him!! He is my secret weapon.

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