Marina Michelson  


I feel like I’m in great hands every time I coach with Patrick. He is very focused and present, and does a beautiful job of quickly pinpointing the purpose of the scene and matching it with your strengths.

Michael Tennant  

The knowledge and heart that Patrick and Bethany bring to the studio every Tuesday for Audition Class is infectious and will remind you why you fell in love with acting in the first place.  They remove the anxiety of an audition by getting you in the habit of auditioning. This class is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Jackie Ganz  

I’ve had the privilege of working with Patrick every week in my ongoing acting class, and he really makes everyone’s read pop. The notes he offers make your read unique to you, while still being the best choices for the camera.

Margot Rubin  
Actor (Series Regular on Margot & Marie)

Patrick is truly an incredible coach.  Not only does he have the ability to find what works best in the context of the scene, he does it in a direct, articulate, and specific way.

Randall Park  
Actor (Series Reg on FRESH OFF THE BOAT, Lead Role in THE INTERVIEW, VEEP, etc..)

Whenever I have a big audition, I do my best to get a hold of Patrick.  He has the ability to help me find different interpretations of a scene that still remains organic to me as an individual.

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