Mollee Gray imdb-logo-jr

I have been working with Ryan for about a year now! I honestly couldn’t ask for a better coach. Not only does he help with scene study, he makes sure that I am at my most confident place before going into a casting room or on set! Since working with him, I got offered the lead role of a feature film, and filmed a sequel to a Disney movie. Because of him, I felt prepared and confident every day I stepped on set! Thank you Ryan for believing in me and always fitting me in your schedule! You’re truly amazing!! 

Madisen Hill imdb-logo-jr

As an actor, you always hope to find someone who is able to constantly help you improve and become your personal best, as well as having someone who believes in you and everything you are capable of as an artist. Since I started coaching with Ryan Garcia and having him as a teacher, he has helped me break through my personal barriers and has guided me to recognize and overcome fears that I never knew I had. It’s also comforting to be taught by someone who is a working actor himself and is able to use his auditions and on-set experiences to direct us in our own journeys. I am constantly learning something new with Ryan and I have noticed a significant change in how I approach new projects.  From being unsure in what I could do as an actor to becoming confident and ready to take on whatever comes my way, Ryan has truly been an incredible influence on my career and I could not recommend him enough.

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