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Actor Salon

by JRS

Finally, a business coaching program just for actors.

Actor Salon has provided life and career coaching since 2007 and continues to be a growing, thriving community. A space created for new and seasoned actors alike; where accountability, fierce coaching and empowering teaching puts the actor in the driver’s seat – with creativity at your side and fear in the way, way back!

We coach one-on-one and also lead intimate, weekly Actor Accountability Salons. In both settings, we approach the actor as an individual – you will be given practical week to week tasks to do so you can take control of your career… and kick it in the butt.

You will be taught time-tested tools and know-how to get (more) work now and activate a career that will last a lifetime.

Actor Salon is for actors of every level looking to be better at the (he)art and business of show business. From actors still in school or just at the start of their careers to working actors in theater, tv, and film – everyone gets a seat at the table.

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What Actors Are Saying

Garrett Palm

"Working with Britt has given me tools and the confidence to use those tools in every aspect of my entertainment career. Her and the others getting coached by her are inspirations, motivators, and guides through all aspects of life in Hollywood!"

Andrea Canizares-Fernandez

"Actors Salon has provided a crucial structure and support system to a career where you can often feel so out of control. Starting actors salon when I first moved here allowed me to hit the ground running - I got signed with an agent + manager within the first 4 months of living in LA, which changed my whole career trajectory!"

Shoshana Green

"I recommend the Actor Salon’s to everyone I can! It’s one of the most helpful things I’ve done for my career in Los Angeles. With the help of the Actor Salon I got an agent, found a headshot photographer I absolutely love and have formed lasting friendships with my other salon members. We even did a film together for the 48 Film Festival!"

Aliee Chan

"I was able to land my first ever co-star on a comedy series, on a major network - with no representation! My coach and salon kept me focused and moving in this direction with rigorous accountability and love."


Life & Career
Mastery Coaching

Become unstuck in a 45-60 minute private coaching with tools that set fire to your career and kindle the passion in your life’s purpose.

Actor Accountability

Looking to turn your career goals into a reality? Join the community and thrive in our weekly, intimate mastermind groups led by an expert coach.

Private Coaching

Give yourself an edge with fierce one-on-one life and career coaching.

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FREE Audit

Dip a toe in the pool of possibility by joining us for a free audit in one of our weekly salons.

You’ll meet one of our coaches, be introduced to our community, grab some fresh career know-how, and experience our “you-focused” approach to accountability.

An audit encourages a new sense of possibility (what’s next?); and awareness of where you are in your career (am I doing enough); and what it would look like for you to join the collective (are these my peeps?).

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