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Become an expert in what YOU do.

Prerequisite: Tool Shop

Our goal is to make sure you are a malleable storyteller and an expert in your own process – that you are excited to embrace any opportunity and ready to tell a story that not only serves the text, but is uniquely yours.

In Ongoing Class, you work each and every week. We cover everything that may come your way: pre-tape auditions, callbacks, scene work, even improv. We focus on currently-casting tv and film, across all genres, with the occasional assignment/project unique to your specific class.

We want you to have faith that you have the tools to problem solve any wall you hit, whether that’s in your next self-tape or on set.

JRS caters to students and creatives at every level, from the Working Actor to the Beginner. We take great care to ensure you’re in a class that best serves where you are in your process and in your life.

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Ongoing Class Features:

PRICE: $295/month



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