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John has been obsessed with helping actors meet and exceed their goals for 20+ years.

JRS is known in the industry for our commitment, not only to the craft, but also to our community. Every one of our clients receives our full support on their path to becoming a happy, working actor.

Our proven path helps you gain a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of yourself and your process.

We’re proud to have helped many

successful acting careers...

Alycia Debnam

Carey Fear The Walking Dead, The 100, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Saint X

JRS models

Danielle Moné Truitt

Law & Order: Organized Crime, Deputy

Chris Aquilino

Silicon Valley, The Nowhere Inn, Unstable

acting coaches

Adam Ray

Young Rock, The Heat, Welcome to Chippendales, Pam & Tommy

acting coaches

Brianne Howey

Ginny & Georgia, Dollface, Batwoman

acting coaches

Chris Estrada

This Fool, Praise Petey

The best actors don’t know all the answers.They know what questions to ask.

meet John Rosenfeld

Meet John !

John Rosenfeld has been teaching and coaching actors in LA for over 20 years. From Oscar winners to beginners, stand-up comedians to dramatic series leads, John has run the gamut guiding actors to find their voice in this business.

Over that time he’s developed a unique philosophy that emphasizes both script analysis and personal understanding to, as he puts it, “cultivate the constitution of a happy, working actor.”

He’s committed to figuring out what obstacles stand in the way of each actor being good every single day. Whether it’s an understanding of process, text, self, or just needing more practice, John’s holistic approach guides each actor to gain an understanding of their own unique process.

Our Philosophy

Every Actor is

No one method works for everyone. We’ve created an acting framework that helps you find what works for you!

Be an Expert in

To really understand a character's point of view you have you be an expert in your own.

Be an Expert in

Acting is about accumulating data, knowing what questions to ask, and living in the right world. As Matt Damon says,"know what movie you're in."

Acting is a

Lawyers practice law. Doctors practice medicine. Actors need to act consistently. You will always be changing and growing, so your acting should change and grow with you.

Understand the

To find success as an actor, you have to be good at acting. Period. Next you have to understand how the business works and how to work it!

Invest in

As an actor YOU are the CEO of your own company. Make sure you're investing in yourself.

Our Faculty

Meet our wonderful team of the acting and business coaches!

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Are you ready to meet us?

Are you ready to meet us?

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