Actor Salon at JRS presents- The Business of Acting: Take Control of Your Career

Actor Salon at JRS presents- The Business of Acting: Take Control of Your Career

As you have probably experienced, acting is an exhilarating journey filled with passion, creativity, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. However,  we actors often find ourselves surprised and unprepared when facing the daunting task of managing the business side of our careers. From finances to marketing and self-promotion, the challenges we face are multifaceted. In this blog, we delve into the importance of establishing an approach to the business aspect of your career. We will talk about the importance of creating a business structure, the benefits it brings, and the potential pitfalls actors may encounter if they neglect this crucial aspect of their career.

Challenges of the Business of Acting

Acting is not just an art; as one learns in the industry pretty quickly, it’s a business. Finding representation, networking and marketing effectively, navigating the financial landscape, and managing the day-to-day operations can be overwhelming for most of us. Add on top of all that the unpredictable nature of the industry with irregular income, self-employment taxes, and the constant hustle for new opportunities and many actors end up just “waiting for things to happen” instead of taking control. We need to devote equal time to our craft AND business. But how? Let’s dive in!

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Why Structure Matters

To grow your career (and even to sustain it!), it is paramount that you establish a solid business plan. While it may not be the most thrilling part of the career, it is vital to long term success. A well-organized plan can streamline financial management, enhance professional credibility, and provide a roadmap for achieving long-term career goals. From attaining representation to setting up a business entity, a structured approach is crucial for navigating the intricacies of the entertainment industry.

Benefits of a well planned out Acting Business:

  1. Financial Stability: A structured business approach helps actors manage their income, allocate budgets effectively, and plan for the inevitable fluctuations in earnings.
    Professionalism: A well-organized business structure enhances an actor’s professional image. It instills confidence in industry professionals and establishes credibility, crucial for securing roles and collaborations.
  2. Strategic Planning: Structuring your acting career as a business enables strategic planning. Actors can set achievable goals, create actionable plans, and measure progress over time.
  3. Legal Protection (you may not be at this stage in your career yet but it is always important to know what is coming!) : Establishing a business entity provides legal protection for actors. It separates personal and professional liabilities, shielding personal assets and reducing the risk of legal complications.

Drawbacks of Neglecting the Business Side:

Ok but all that sounds like a lot of work. What if I just…don’t? Neglecting the business side of acting can lead to several challenges:

  1. Financial Insecurity: Without a plan, you may struggle with inconsistent income, making it difficult to cover expenses and invest in career growth.
  2. Lack of Credibility: Industry professionals may be hesitant to engage with actors who appear unprepared for the business side of the industry.
  3. Missed Opportunities: Actors may find it challenging to navigate the competitive landscape without a clear roadmap. It is vital you make a plan for networking and marketing yourself effectively  so that opportunities don’t pass you by.

Actor Salon at John Rosenfeld Studios:

We recognize the challenges actors face in managing the business side of their careers so we created a unique solution – Actor Salon. This life and career coaching company provides invaluable guidance, resources, and a supportive community for actors looking to establish the business side of their career. 

Actor Salon at JRS covers a range of topics, including securing representation, financial management, marketing strategies, and industry networking. Through private coaching and small group classes, actors gain access to expert advice, peer support, and the tools needed to build a successful and sustainable career.

Visit Actor Salon at John Rosenfeld Studios for more information on how this program can empower you to navigate the business side of acting effectively.

While the artistic aspect of acting is undoubtedly crucial, neglecting the business side can hinder long-term success. By understanding the challenges, benefits, and potential drawbacks, you can take control of your career, set up a solid business structure, and thrive in the competitive world of entertainment. Let us help you “handle your business” and unnecessary external pressure off you so that you can focus on your love of acting. 

Reach out to us to learn more about Actor Salon.  We created it as a beacon of support and guidance to provide actors with the tools they need to succeed in the business of acting.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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