Exploring The Power of Stillness in Acting at John Rosenfeld Studios

The Power of Stillness in Acting: Exploring Key Elements of Your Craft at John Rosenfeld Studios

Life can noisy.  For an acting studio in Los Angeles, where aspiring actors converge in hopes of pursuing their dreams of becoming a happy, working actor, we hear the noise everywhere around us.  The constant external noise of traffic, the beeping and buzzing of the interference of technology, and the daily urban noise pollution which surround us can have negative health effects on us.  Beyond the obvious negative effects, it can create a feeling of suffocation within us that is hard to define scientifically. 

Perhaps most importantly, no matter where we find ourselves, the noise created by thought, the constant churning of thoughts, observations, judgments, and concepts, creates constant inner noise that can deplete us.  With this depletion, we cloud the infinite power within which we can channel into opportunities that can present themselves to us–auditions and ultimately, paid acting roles.

At John Rosenfeld Studios, we see ourselves as a bit of quiet amongst the noise- something like a safe, peaceful island of artistic exploration within the urban world. Amidst the chaos of the entertainment industry and a push toward fast, explosive, extroverted performances, John Rosenfeld Studios has long championed a fundamental truth: that there is enormous power of stillness in acting and power in finding the road to nuance in your performance. 

In this blog, we want to explore this very important theme–the power of stillness in acting.   What are some of the ways we teach our students to tap into, and convey, the power of stillness?

Helping our Students in Unleashing Authenticity

In our decades as actors and acting teachers, we have learned that the ability to harness the potency of stillness is a rare and invaluable skill for actors.

At our acting studio, we believe that true authenticity, and the power that can completely overtake an audience, emerges not through exaggerated gestures or flamboyant displays — but through the quietude of genuine emotion. In our acting classes, we spend time delving into the depths of stillness, helping actors uncover the raw essence of their characters, transcending mere performance and seeking to embody—and convey, the truth of stillness within.

Working with our Students in Crafting Nuanced Performances

In the frenetic pace of modern storytelling, the pause is often overlooked, overshadowed by the urgency of action. We have seen an evolution in all media towards speed, urgency, and frantic movement. 

Yet, it is within pregnant moments of silence that the true artistry of acting reveals itself.  Great performances in recent film have often been those where the actors convey the deepest energy of their characters without speaking.  They are tapping into something fundamental within that is only drawn out through stillness, a power where the dance between the “human” and the “being” is no longer—pure consciousness finds its way onto the screen.

The ability to embody nuance isn’t something that just happens by accident.  Acting is a craft.  There are techniques that we teach at John Rosenfeld Studios in which our actors learn to embrace the pause as a powerful tool for communication, allowing emotions to resonate and narratives to unfold with profound depth.  Nuanced peformances can separate the masters from the amateurs, but no one gets there without a roadmap of how to develop these tools.

Finding Presence in the Power of Stillness in Acting: Learning to Connect with the Moment

Cultivating presence is an indispensable asset for any actor. By cultivating an acute awareness of the present moment, performers transcend the confines of the script, forging a deep and visceral connection with their surroundings and fellow actors.

At John Rosenfeld Studios, we guide our students on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to inhabit the moment fully and authentically.  When we learn tools to connect with the moment, we achieve a new layer of depth in our characters, and take our performances to the next level.

power of stillness in acting

Big Gestures and Drama Can Captivate Temporarily, But Conveying Nuance and Stillness Leaves a lasting Impression

The allure of grand gestures may captivate audiences momentarily, it is the subtlety of stillness that leaves a lasting impression. Through rigorous training and disciplined practice, actors at John Rosenfeld Studios can refine their craft, honing their ability to convey emotion with precision and depth. By embracing the power of stillness, our actors will elevate their performances to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on both stage and screen.

Through the practice of stillness, actors peel back the layers of artifice to reveal the authentic core of their characters. In this sacred space of exploration and discovery, artists are empowered to embrace vulnerability, to embrace imperfection, and to embrace the truth of who they are.

If learning techniques to create a more nuanced performance, through cultivating silence or spaciousness, is something you are seeking, reach out for a consultation with John Rosenfeld or a member of our experienced, talented faculty.  We can help to place you in the perfect situation where these techniques can be fostered and developed. 

You can easily, and affordably, begin your JRS experience with a group consultation, even if you aren’t sure about what you want.  You don’t need to live nearby our studio, because our  online acting consultations provide aspiring actors with the opportunity to access our renowned training from anywhere in the world. 

Through online group sessions and personalized coaching, our students can explore the transformative power of stillness and other acting techniques under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

Finding Your Truth as an Actor with JRS

At JRS, we believe that the power of stillness in acting is not merely the absence of motion but the presence of truth. Through the practice of stillness, actors unlock the essence of their characters, forge authentic connections with their audience, and take their acting ability to new heights. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding talent, our acting studio offers a unique opportunity to cultivate your craft and unleash your full artistic potential—with a that you won’t find at other acting studios.

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Are you ready to meet us?

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