BADASS QUOTE, from me, scottyB (from class notes)

“Actors are storytellers! WE tell STORIES. In this industry, we are GIVEN stories to TELL, but WE TELL THEM, through OUR eyes and OUR point of view. Simply tell the story that’s been given to you as you would ANY story you’ve ever told and THAT’S what they are looking for. We ALL know classic kids stories and songs, yeah? We all know the same thing, hear it time and time again, but the REASON these LAST is because they’re never told the same way TWICE. You will NEVER hear two people tell ‘The Three Little Pigs’ the same way. EVER. It’s all about how WE learned the story, what WE thought about it when we heard it, what WE think about the story AS we tell it (get where I’m goin’ with this?)… Sides are handed to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of actors; casting will hear the same 2 pages for days on end, and only the few that somehow manage to make them curious to hear that The Big Bad Wolf was unable to blow down the third Little Pig’s brick house will give them a boner and a callback.”

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