Angela Gots
Actor (Recurring on MADAM SECRETARY)

John Rosenfeld is a teacher who goes beyond just the acting work thats in front of him. The amount of insight and specificity he hones in on, with support,  kindness and a sense of humor is always so spot on and eye opening.  I have witnessed John’s method of going deep into the psychology of each character being portrayed, and paralleling it to the actor, by bringing to surface how the actor can relate to the character in such a way that the performance becomes so alive and compelling to watch, and always with respect and music, so to speak, of the writer and genre. John helps in pinpointing and bringing awareness to our own physical bad habits that we find are psychological defense mechanisms. Because John Rosenfeld Studios is not only a study of acting but the human condition as well, I feel I have had major breakthroughs not only in my acting work but as a human being as well. This school goes deep in delving into script/ character work with support, thoroughness, specificity and always fun. Thank you, I am so grateful!

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