Mo Mandel
Actor, Stand-Up Comedian (Series Regular on STRANGE BREW and FREE AGENTS)

I moved to LA and was able to get a lot of great auditions right away thanks to my stand up career.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t booking any of these auditions and was quickly becoming worried that I might not have what it takes to be an actor.  Luckily I found John Rosenfeld.  He immediately identified what my weaknesses were and what about me was naturally funny, and tirelessly worked to help me bring these parts out in my acting.  His instruction is very focused and he approaches everyone’s acting abilities on an individual basis, cultivating what is great and talented about each of his students and helping that part of them shine in the room.  In less then a year and a half of working with John I have grown enormously in my understanding of what acting is all about and have just booked a lead role in a new sitcom for FOX by the creators of “Will and Grace,” and feel like the sky is the limit for where my career can go.

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