Tamera Mowry-Housley

I took classes with John prior to my comeback to comedy television as an ADULT. Never before have I felt so prepared for my future roles as Hope on ABC FAMILY’s ROOMMATES and DANIELLE on Lifetime’s movie network DOUBLE WEDDING. TV has changed when I started acting as kid and so had I. I was now an ADULT actress unconsciously holding on to my outdated tricks. John taught me let go, and fly but most importantly not to ACT as the character but BECOME the character. To get so lost in the role you feel, breath, move, and think like the character herself. As a result of my work on ROOMMATES, I’m now getting into casting rooms that closed their doors before. Recently, I have had a Debra Zane request for Love Bites and have received an amazing complement from drama Californication and Defenders casting director, Felicia Fosano. Her words exactly, ” you are such an amazing actress and I’m so happy to finally get to see you ACTING for a change. So, thank you John for helping me fly and for ONCE enjoy the process of acting and auditioning. John would tell me, It’s all about the discovery of the role. Not waiting for the applause or response of how well you performed. It’s in this mindset I’ve learned I perform my BEST!!

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