Tom’s 6 Tips on Being a Good Client

Tom’s 6 Tips on Being a Good ClientTom DeTrinis

1.  Be respectful and kind.

Kanye- Respect

You need to realize that they are running a business too and you have to respect the time they have to get things done.  When asking questions, getting information or giving information, be kind to whoever you are speaking too and be specific.  Rambling on and on is not cute.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2.  Know your place.

Know place

We would all love to have Meryl’s career.  Duh.  But we are not all in the place where we can get whatever we want every single time.  Realize where you are in this business and be realistic with your asks and expectations.

3.  If you haven’t made them money, don’t be asking for the moon.


This is something we don’t always think about.  Yes, your reps want you to succeed because they believe in you, but they also want to pay their rent, mortgage, eat and live their own lives.  If you are emailing all the time with ridiculous asks and demands and you haven’t made them a dime, then perhaps you need to slow it down and get resourceful within your own network for what you need.  They only take 10% remember?

4.  Relax and take up a hobby.


They are working for you as hard as they can.  And most of the time?  We don’t even KNOW it!  So take a deep breath before we email them about how we don’t have any auditions but all of our friend are and WHY WON’T ANYMORE SEE ME MY LIFE IS OVER!  Why not spend that time honing your craft, or taking interest in something that develops your inner artist.  Volunteer?  Basket Weaving?  Volunteer Basket Weaving?

5.  Be prepared.

LionKing-Be prepared

When the call DOES come (HOORAH!), then you better be ready to KILL that audition.  And guess what, booking the ROOM is more important than booking the job when you are in the developmental phase of your career.  You MUST have a network of people you trust to coach you or a fantastic coach you can PAY to coach you so that you make the scene pop for you. Stay in class, put yourself on tape, know what colors work on camera, the angles that work for you, etc.

6.  Be flexible and open.


Know how to cover your sifts at work, know how to change things around, be open to going in for things you might not be 100% right for, these are things that make you stand out as a client and say to your agent that you are a professional who can work under any given circumstance.

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